Monday, August 14, 2006

Fan Blogger--Kelley Fuller from Australia

Here is our second fan blog all the way from New South Wales! First Iraq and now Australia, this is so great. Our next fan blogger is a little closer to home--Seattle--and will appear on Wednesday. It's not too late for you to share your story about how Star Trek has influenced your life. E-mail it to Amy Ulen along with a photo if you have one.

Kelley is an incredibly dedicated fan who is about to embark on an amazing month of Star Trek conventions! I can't wait to hear his stories and see his photos in Seattle.

Blog #16 by Kelley Fuller
from Batemans Bay, New South Wales

I think Star Trek has mostly influenced my life in the way I view relationships with other people.

One of the key themes found throughout the history of Star Trek is "what it means to be human." The endless examination of the "human condition" has indeed been repeatedly explored over the past 40 years in each and every Star Trek series (Data, T'Pol, Spock, Q). It is this very journey of discovery that has endeared millions of fans around the world for generations, and I can certainly be counted amongst them. I believe that this element combined with the brilliant "chemistry" found in each of the shows' casts is why Star Trek has become the success that it is today.

Star Trek has a way of permeating all areas of your life, regardless of age. I have grown up with Star Trek and actually find it difficult to imagine a future without it. Star Trek has always offered us a view of tomorrow that gives hope to people of all walks of life; regardless of race, colour, creed and religion. It certainly made me feel more optimistic about the destiny of mankind and our true potential as a species.

As a child, my attraction to Star Trek was more "action" orientated; it was a great adventure show. Plus I loved all the "cool"' spacecraft. I would spend countless hours engaged in making plastic models of the Enterprise, Klingon Bird of Prey, Defiant etc.; paying close attention to the many minute details of colour and finish.

Later on (and as one gets older) other issues in life take priority. The story itself becomes more important and I can remember many, many quite moving episodes, such as TNG's "Inner Light" and "Best of Both Worlds Parts I & II" or DS9's "What You Leave Behind" or VOY's "Unimatrix Zero Parts I & II." I'm sure everyone has their favourite Star Trek episode, but I think the ones that stay with us the longest are those that truly reach our hearts; that get us to jump up and cheer the Captain on to victory.

Star Trek has more than just influenced my life, it has become an integral part of it. It impacts on all facets of my day-to-day activities - work, play, friends, shopping, sport, movies, fashion, food and even personal relationships. What I mean by "personal relationships" is that I really couldn't imagine settling down with a person that didn't love their Star Trek as much as I do; to which the phrase has often been coined, "love me, love my Star Trek"...that one's for you, Rachelle. It is honourable to be Klingon or a Starfleet Officer. Concepts of integrity, honesty, compassion and loyalty or corner-stones of the Star Trek universe. The show dared to suggest that all these things are worthy of pursuit; that it's okay to be kind towards other people without being labeled "weak." The essentials of my life now include a regular dose of Trek and it matters not which series the dose comes from.

2006 marks the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek and it is most fitting that this milestone be celebrated around the world with the biggest and best conventions anyone has ever seen. I consider myself privileged to be able to attend the 5th Annual Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, NV, from August 17-20. Thanks to Creation Entertainment, this event will play host to an unprecedented lineup of Star Trek legends and could arguably be considered the highlight of the year's celebrations. Like a "kid in a candy shop," I'm going to be basking in the light of the "stars." I've made sure to secure the best seats and access to as many parties/dinners as possible, so as to get the most out of the experience.

Not wanting the dream to end, I will then be flying to Toronto for the Fan Expo Canada 2006 (September 1-3), which will feature both William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy, among many other guest stars.

Still not wanting the dream to end, I'm then off to Seattle, WA, for another great Star Trek convention. This time courtesy of Planet Xpo and the Science Fiction Museum, the Star Trek 40th Anniversary Gala Celebration and Conference will take place September 8-10. 2006 will certainly be a year to remember.

Can anyone honestly say that the world would be better off without Star Trek?


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