Friday, August 25, 2006

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Blog #27 by Dr. Becky Fartash

"Dr. McCoy, My Idol"
As my young eyes gazed upward in wonderment at the starry skies, I wondered, what’s out there and can I be part of it someday? My childhood curiosity in the Heavens was only rivaled by my desire to help others in need and to make a difference. The tumultuous adolescent years were filled with plans, hopes and apprehension of what the future may hold. I was fascinated by one of my favorite television shows which presented such a future, seen at the present. I remember being glued to the set when Star Trek was on, watching and savoring every moment of the program. Seeing colorfully uniformed men and women of all races working side by side, encountering challenging situations in outer space and arriving at a meaningful end each episode, presented a surreal world where there was no hunger, greed or bigotry.

As an adolescent, I admired the major characters of Star Trek including a charismatic captain, a cool, intelligent and partly-human first officer and a devoted bridge crew; however, I was most intrigued by the ship’s doctor. Dr. McCoy, played by our beloved De Forest Kelley, represented the ideal medical practitioner; he was intelligent, unpretentious and caring. His practice of medicine, although modern and futuristic as the 23rd century would prompt, seemed somehow familiar and Earthly. His integrity and devotion to his work and patients further sparked my interest in the art of healing. The dignity and immensity of his character withstood even the all-too-famous single-liner spoofs such as “he’s dead Jim” and “I’m a doctor, not a…..” Dr. McCoy was always poised and ready to render medical help under the most difficult circumstances. However, he managed to keep his country charm and caring demeanor even while butting heads with Mr. Spock during Red Alert situations.

The future medical technology portrayed in the show appeared unreal yet, attainable. It is amazing to see how Gene Rodenberry’s vision from forty years ago is becoming a reality in our current medical field. The medical monitors and tricorders, the hypospray shots, laser scalpels, and protoplasers to heal wounds seem closer at reach now than ever before. Dr. McCoy’s skills and expertise to utilize such instruments to heal and save lives prompted my young psyche to choose and confirm my path for the future. I wanted to be a doctor just like him when I grew up.

Although, in lieu of a blue medical tunic, I wear a white jacket and examine and heal eyes now, I will always have Dr. McCoy of the Starship Enterprise as my hero and idol. While receiving my patients, I remember his kind face, caring eyes and skilled hands demonstrating how deeply he loved his profession and his dedication to his patients. I then strive harder to achieve the same; I truly think that I am a better doctor because of him. A little “McCoy mannerism” practiced in our profession can do wonders for our patients.

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    • WOW! This one brought tears to my eyes!

      I know someone else whose eyes are likely sparkling, too. He's in heaven now: DeForest Kelley! He loved hearing from fans who turned his portrayal into their career passions! What a legacy -- all these "McCoy sons and daughters" across the globe, sharing his legacy of love...

      Thanks for sharing this, Dr. Fartash! It's a keeper for the Kelley archives, for sure!

      By Blogger Kristine M Smith, at 10:26 AM  

    • Dr. Fartash,

      There is another note for you from me at Husband-Hunting On The Enterprise. I now realize I should have put it here. Please look for it there!



      By Blogger Kristine M Smith, at 10:47 AM  

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